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“L'utilisation d'un Powerhoop / cerceau à poids pour 6 semaines est associé avec une taille et des hanches plus mince. Le changement du pli cutané suggère une redistribution de la masse corporelle.” -Stuart McGill PhD, et Jordan Andersen BSc, de la Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Departement de Kinesiology, Université de Waterloo, Waterloo, ON. Canada, N2L 5W7 Nos clients sont enthousiaste au propos de leurs Powerhoops qu'ils nous ont d'ailleur téléphoné pour discuter leurs résultats. Avec une utilisation régulière, vous serez surpris de constater les effets, y compris:


  • Perte de poids/brûler des calories
  • Réduction des peines du bas du dos
  • Une ceinture abdominale plus forte (abdos plus fort)
  • Taille plus mince, hanches, cuisses et le derrière
  • Amélioration de la coordination

Témoignages de nos clients :


“After three weeks of using it daily for ten minutes I went down a dress size. Now after six months of Powerhooping I've lost even more inches and can now fit into a size 10, which I haven't been able to do since I was in my thirties. It's really great and easy to use, I do ten minutes both ways daily whilst watching TV in the afternoon.” -Ros Wilsher, age 60, UK


“I've never been fitter, slimmer or more toned. My classes are full to bursting and I have waiting lists, as everyone wants to come. I've had members that have lost huge amounts of weight, toned their tummies, strengthened their core muscles and reduced their back pain.” -Amanda Hindley, Powerhoop Instructor & Trainer, Kent, UK


“The Powerhoop is an ideal way to build stability around your back, because your abdominal muscles need to constantly tighten up in order to keep the hoop in motion. I can’t recommend Powerhoop enough - it’s a very effective training tool that makes exercise fun." -Mette Ron Christensen, Physiotherapist, Copenhagen


“I'm so happy with my Powerhoop that I tell all of my friends and colleagues. My problem areas are my waist, stomach and hips, and I see a clear improvement. I use my hoop about 10 minutes per day and have lost 10 cm around my waist in the past two months. It's noticeable enough that I'm getting comments about it from others." -Anne-Kari Simonsen, age 56, Kongsberg, Norway


“Out of all the classes I do Powerhoop gives the best results by far. I teach classes and training courses for Powerhoop and use it in my PT sessions. My clients love it and are shocked by the results they have got from using a Powerhoop regularly. Anyone serious about fitness should be using a Powerhoop.” -Kerry Ferguson, Powerhoop Instructor & Trainer, UK


"I felt I needed to write in and tell you how much I am loving Powerhoop, how great my instructor is and how much my body has changed since my first class three months ago. I have been attended classes with Sophie at Harris Academy in Welling and I think she is amazing. The class is so much fun - I smile the whole way through and don't want to miss a single week. The difference to my body is absolutely incredible and in such a short amount of time. After my first class Sophie cut a piece of string to my waist; I have since put the string back around my waist after 6 weeks of classes and again after further 5-6 weeks. I have lost several inches.

I didn't think I would be fitting into clothes I wore before having two children, but I am. I am so happy and confident with my body now, thanks to Powerhoop. I hope Powerhoop continues to be a huge success because it is absolutely brilliant and I haven't heard of anyone at Sophie's class not seeing any results. Sophie really is a credit to Powerhoop " -Melissa Bond, Welling, UK



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